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Wrap Up

Alright so that is the end of our sneaks.  I am sure I have missed some and I am sorry about that.  The fabulous team of reporters here will be sharing their favorites starting Monday so look out for that.  With that being said, I am off to CHA tomorrow.  I will be tweeting from the show floor so be sure to follow us on twitter to find out the latest!   Cheers!


April said...

I think you did an AMAZING job sharing the sneaks!! Thank you for all the time and effort that went into that!
- April W

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Ack! I don't twitter! I hope you'll post on Facebook too!! You've done a FABULOUS job! I'm so excited about all of the sneaks! This is my one stop place to see all of the upcoming fabulous! Have a GREAT time! Can't wait for more updates!!

Lalo said...

AWESOME AWESOME REVIEWS!!! love the sneaks...I have enjoyed them all! You guys rock! THANK_YOU THANK_YOU!!!

sharon g said...

Have loved seeing what you ladies have loved seeing. Did you see the French General goodies? They are my FAVORITE!!!