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Vintaj Patinas by Ranger Ink-

{Reported by Liz Hicks}

I am kind of a paint nut. I love all things that give art color. One of my favorite new products from CHA 2012 was the NEW Vintaj Patinas by Ranger Ink. I tried these out at the Vintaj booth and loved the consistency of the product as well as the dry time. The Patina's come in 15 different colors and are sold in sets of three. They are a similar style of packaging of that of the Alcohol Inks, yet they have a ball bearing inside to help mix the product thoroughly. The packaging is nice to handle and very user friendly. As with Ranger products, a little goes a long way, so you will get a lot of use out of each bottle.

What I liked:

I love the consistency of the product. It is not to thick, definitely a liquid form, yet has a dense opacity for nice coverage. There is a finishing glaze that you can also use that can also work as a dilution to make the colors less saturated.  I also really liked that the Patinas were opaque enough to act as an enamel. When paired with the glaze, the sheen is similar to that of an enamel. I also really love the fact that Ranger thought to make the products acid free (SMART RANGER!) which means paper crafters can get creative with these!!! The Patina's also blend really nice and dry extremely quickly... both winners in my book.

What I didn't like:

Of course... I would LOVE for there to be more colors :) That is just me, lol. I found the colors that are available well within the range of patina's you would see naturally but I would love to see more colors and perhaps some metallics too (A girl can dream, right?). I also had a tough time with some of the bottles drying up while I was using them, so my advice is to just make sure to close them so the tops don't dry out. It didn't effect the product, but temporarily clogged the top. It was easy enough to clean out though... just a little info to help you avoid this.

What I made:

I decided to see how far I could stretch the uses of these new Patina's so I used them to create a layout using a Prima acetate overlay. This overlay is black on clear so I decided to use the Patina's to colorize the overlay. For this, I painted the backside so that when I flipped it over the print still showed. I backed my overlay with pearl tissue paper and sewed on detail to make this layout pop.

 Just Us 12x12 layout

Supplies: Vintaj Patina's by Ranger Ink, overlay, flowers, stickers and letters (Prima Marketing Inc), tissue paper and vintage print (Unkown).

Here is a close up of how nice the Patina's cover and paint. I was very impressed with how smooth the coverage was while I painted.

Here is a close up of a flower cluster and some of the Patina on the woven doily... yup it worked on fabric too!

This is a 14x14 canvas that I created with the Patina's. This I think was my favorite use for them. Because of the consistency of the Patina's is thin, it acts similar to a fluid acrylic yet has the opacity of a regular acrylic. This means that it will cover the canvas nice and smooth AND have an awesome opacity. I also sprayed some water on them too so that the Patina could drip nicely :)

It is Well Canvas

Supplies: Vintaj Patina's and Glaze by Ranger Ink, White Paint (Plais) Modeling paste and ink (Liquitex), stencil  (Creative Imaginations), Micron Pen (Sakura of America), sequin, vintage paper and canvas (Unknown).

 I used modeling paste with a stencil to create these raised flowers. I then glazed them with Patina and glaze when they were dry.

 And just to show how it looks within it's intended purpose... here is the Patina's in use on some metal embellishments I had in stock.

metal embellishments by: Graphic 45

Where and How Much:
Product: Vintaj Patinas
Manufacturer:  Ranger 
MSRP: $7.99-$12.99
Available Online: Scrapbook.comSimon Says STAMP- Eclectic Paperie- $7.99112.99

Bottom Line:

Like I said before... I am a paint nut, especially when it comes to new paints. I really enjoyed these new Patina's and can see myself using these in a multitude of crafts from Jewelry making, mixed media art to paper crafting. I like products that have multiple uses, and these definitely have PLENTY of uses.

What do you think? Is this something that you would want to use?  Are you into metal art and such?  Let us know!


Angela Nebinger said...

I would love these.. I too am a paint nut and pretty much anything ranger :)

Melinda said...

These look very cool! Would love to try them out!

sharon g said...

I'm SO glad that you reviewed these. I've been wondering about them. Thanks for the info so I can make an informed choice.