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Martha Stewart Crafts Fringe Scissors

{Reported by Ashley Harris}

Not sure how many of you have seen these or have even wanted a pair, but these are a very interesting concept.  Let me give you the low down.   Here we go.

Ease of Use: Um, they're scissors.  Pretty self explanatory there.   

Construction/Durability: These are great scissors with great quality.  They will last you a good long while so long as you take care of them.

Usefulness: There are a few uses you can use them for.  For making grass, confetti, and other fun things.  

Cost effectiveness: For $13.49 this is a pretty decent cost.  I felt I totally got my money's worth from them.

What I liked: 

- I liked the size.  For what it does I figured they would be heavier, but they are just fine to handle and use.

- I like the quality of them.  Some scissors don't have the quality that you expect, but these are great.

- I just like the concept of them.  I don't have to make repeated unmeasured cuts with my regular scissors now because this accomplishes what I want!

What I disliked: 

- Nothing that I know of.  I mean they're scissors and not much you can complain about scissors.

What I made:

Where and How Much:Product Name: Martha Stewart Crafts Fringe Scissors
Manufacturer: EK Success
MSRP: $13.49
Available Online at: A Cherry On,

Bottom Line:  I really like these scissors.  They are of great quality and get the job done.  They are a fun tool to make fun things!  Enjoy!!

What do YOU think? Do you own a pair?  Do you love them?  Hate them?  Do you want a pair?  Let us know!


Nirupama said...

I always just wonder how versatile they would be... you know? how much fringe am I really making? ;)

Miriam Prantner said...

This is one of those things I've admired, but haven't sprung for just because I'm not sure how often I would use them, and there is always something I want more.

sharon g said...

I have a pair, but have only used them maybe once. I forget that I have them! You have inspired me to make more grass, fringe, etc.

Linh C. said...

This is one tool that I have on my Amazon wish list! In one of the MyCraftChannel segments, Heidi Swapp used these scissors to make a flower. Yes, you can use regular scissors to make multiple cuts, but these would make it faster.

April said...

I don't have any myself but I've seen some really cute ideas using them!

stick said...

I believe I have a pair coming to me that I won during National Scrapbook Day, YAY! However I'm concerned whether or how they'll work for a left-handed person?

Houses Built of Cards said...

I have seen these a lot and never tried them! Definitely would like to check them out more - thanks for the info!

Renee V said...

I think they would definitely be cool to have for cutting grass, but I just can't see myself using them alot to justify buying a pair. Thanks for reviewing them!