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Shameless Push.

{Pushed by Ashley Harris}

Well good morning!  I hope you are all well and happy.  For today I wanted to share something that I am involved in.  Many of you are convention goers and that is a great thing!  Especially if you live around the Arlington, TX and Chantilly, VA areas this summer.  Why do you ask?  Let me tell you.

I am super honored to be teaching 3 classes at the convention in Arlington, TX and 2 classes at the convention in Chantilly, VA.    I am teaching 2 card classes and a mini album class.  The mini album class is called Family Matters.  It is teaching you to use the imperfect photos you have.   The photos may not be perfect but the people in them are perfect for us: our family.

 Here are samples for the Happy Birthday To All card class:

This class is taught only at the convention in Arlington.   It's a super fun class and there will be great giveaways!!

Here are examples of cards for the No, Thank You class that will be taught in both TX and VA conventions:

So, if you are in the area, come take my classes and come see me!  I would love to meet more TSR readers!  Registration for the Arlington, TX convention closes Thursday at 1pm EST.   You will still be able to purchase classes onsite, but it will cost $2 more.  Shameless push now over.


Shelly said...

Looks fun!