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Top 5 Tools Every Scrapper should have.

{Reported by Ashley Harris}

Every scrapper/card maker should have these tools to begin with.

1.  Trimmer:  A good trimmer is a must have.  Sometimes it is hard finding the right trimmer for you.  Some like the guillotine type, others the rotary.  Find the one that works best for you and stick with it.  The one that I have is the one shown above.  I have had it for what seems forever and I still love it.  

Where and How Much:
Product: Desktop Rotary Trimmer
Manufacturer: Fiskars
Available Online:*,, (styles may vary)

2.  Scissors:  Again this is a must have.  A good pair of scissors with a good tip for fussy cutting.  I have the above pair in 4 different colors.  I love them.  They are amazing and do a beautiful job.

Where and How Much:
Product: Micro Tip No. 5 Scissors
Manufacturer: Fiskars
Available Online:,

3.  Ruler:   I know this sounds like a no-brainer and it is.   How many times are you in the middle of a project and get out your ruler to create lines for journaling or to space embellishments etc.   Always a need to have on hand tool.

Where and How Much:
Product:  X-acto Ruler
Manufacturer: X-acto a division of Elmer's
Available Online:

4. Adhesive:  Oh heavens!  There is nothing like a good adhesive.  Once you have found "the one" you will never go back.  Now there are so many types of adhesive.  There are tapes, wet adhesives, foam adhesives and more.  This is another item that you have to experiment with and see what works for you.  

Where and How Much:
Product: EZ Mini Dots Permanent
Manufacturer:  Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L
Available Online:

5.  Journaling Pen:  Okay now many of you will say that a pen is a pen is a pen.  For the most part you would be "write".   Hee Hee Hee.  Sorry couldn't resist.  As pens are pretty inexpensive you can go and try most of them and not feel bad about the $2 or so that you spent.  So find the one you like and write on.

Where and How Much:
Product: Memory Marker
Manufacturer: American Crafts
Available Online:,

I hope this helps some of you out there.   These are all products that I personally use on a daily basis.  So far they are the what works the best for me.  See:  

Sadly my blue handled scissors are on vacation somewhere in my scrap room.   

Enjoy your day!!


sharon g said...

If I had to only pick 2 things, the paper trimmer would be #1, and good scissors #2. Nice picks.

sb said...

You're famous, Ash! :) I saw this post linked on Craft Gossip and your. name was right there. Huzzah!