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2012 Summer CHA Sneak: Tim Holtz for Stampers Anonymous

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I don't care for Tim's new release. The stamps look messy with all the lines and the Santa is a big disappointment. I'll spend my money elsewhere this time.

Tamikko said...

I love it all! Amazing sets! Tim Holtz is such an inspiration. Stampers Anonymous would have been out of there mind to not bring back these much missed stamps. I won't miss this second chance to get my hands on them :)

Jean said...

Not quite sure how I feel about these!

Cathy said...

The new classic sets are great but they're not Tim's and have always been around to buy, just not in cling form. I don't like his new stamp designs and won't be buying them. Everyone is copying everyone else these days and it all looks the same! Maybe Stamper Anonymous would be better served to promote their whole catalog of wonderful images instead of the clip art images of Tim's!

Moongirl said...

I love the blueprints!