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Jennifer Larson CHA Summer 2012 Favorites

(Reported by Jennifer Larson)
Browsing through the new releases for Summer CHA, I made a list of my favorites...all 25 of them. Since that would have made an obscenely long post, I've managed to narrow my list of favorites to 5 groups/collections. Here they are:

1. Studio Calico embellishments. I think this manufacturer wins for the best and most varied embellishments. From stamps 

to wood veneer

to mistables

to frames
and so on, and so on, I am so excited to use these products on my pages.

2. Glitz Truly Yours collection. I'm not really keen on Valentine's Day products on general, but I loved how versatile this collection is. It's romantic enough for love and romance, but the colors are playful enough so that I can use it on other, less romantic pages. Not that we all couldn't use a little romance in our scrapbooks, of course!

(Check out the bling number circles in the lower circles--just terrific!)

3.  Lily Bee Persnickety. I just loved the colors on this. Summer CHA tends to be very holiday and theme heavy, and I thought this collection was a good, everyday one that could be used in between all those winter holidays, when we're all feeling a little--well, persnickety!--from all that snow. At least here in Minnesota we do.

4. Pink Paislee Artisan Collection. I honestly thought Pink Paislee hit it out of the park with all of their collections, but this artisan collection looks like fun, just waiting for me to crack out my mist, paint, and ink to play.

5. Simple Stories Harvest Lane. The autumn lines in general were the most consistently attractive of all the holiday lines at this show. My favorite of all them--and it was close!--was Simple Stories. LOVED the colors and patterns.

And the sticker collections will make wonderful accents for fall and beyond.

What is your favorite?


Tamika said...

I like the frames, Persnickety & Artisan collections a lot!

Lalo said...

They all look like fun stuff!!!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I completely 100% agree with your choices! You have GREAT taste!! LOL!! Love those frames! Love Studio Calico! I already preorder some of the Artisan Collection! LOVE those stars!! I'm so excited by the CHA releases!! :)