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Noel Mignon Willow Creek Kit

{reported by Noel Culbertson}

Noel Mignon's November kit, Wilow Creek, arrived on my doorstep perfectly packaged and ready for a day of adventures in paper crafting. Having worked with many different kit clubs over the years, I was impressed with the variety of supplies that Noel provided in her kit. Her kits are truly complete in that they include a minimum of 20 patterned papers, 5 sheets of cardstock and 2 alphabets. The kits also include sheets of labels, borders or fabric (varies from kit to kit), along with trims, buttons, brads, chipboard, ink/pen, and additional unique items. With so many options available, you'll be crafting up a storm all month long.

What I liked:
The kit was precisely packaged. All supplies arrived undamaged and in their proper place. The smaller embellishments were packaged separately making them much easier to sort through when designing projects.
The paper lines and embellishments were carefully coordinated and representing a wide assortment of brands, patterns and supplies.
The entire kit was one of the most well rounded and supply-laden kits I've ever worked with.

What I didn't like:
The only thing I can think of to improve upon this great kit would be to add a few more sheets of patterned paper with darker tones to add a little more contrast to projects.

What I made:

(supplies: all supplies from Noel Mignon Willow Creek kit)




(supplies: all supplies from Noel Mignon Willow Creek kit)




Where and How Much:
Product: Willow Creek Kit
Manufacturer:  Noel Mignon
MSRP:  $58.99
Available Online: Noel Mignon Scrapbook Kits & Supplies

What do you think?  What are the top qualities you look for in a kit club? Tell us what you think.


ruth said...

Love this kit!!!

Houses Built of Cards said...

Looks like a BEAUTIFUL kit!!! And absolutely ADORE the layouts you made with it! Gorgeous!!!

Miriam Prantner said...

This is a lovely kit. Looks like you get a ton of stuff, although I have to say, I don't know that I could commit to something this expensive as a subscriber. Most kit clubs are in the $30 range, and this is basically double that. Granted it's a lot of product, and if you're someone who is happy to use the same stuff all month, than this is probably good for you, but I'm more of a dabbler - want to be able to create with my kit, but I also like other stuff and this would send my crafty budget through the ceiling. It would be nice if they had a 'lite' kit that maybe had the same range of stuff but not as much so it's more affordable.

In terms of what I look for in kits, I want to see some stuff that is unusual - I love it when kits contain exclusives, unique trims that you don't get other places, items from small etsy shops that I might not know about otherwise. I like a kit to kind of expand my horizons.

Ruth G said...

I absolutely love all the patterns and colors you used on your LOs!
As for what I look for in a kit, the variety of items included (some patterned papers, some cardstock, some 3D embellishments, some stickers or washi tape.) It really looks like Noel Mignon has this nailed! This kit looks wonderful and could keep me very busy for a while!!! Thanks for sharing your projects and viewpoint!

{VICKI} said...

Love your projects!

I like the idea of kits---this really looks like a great one!

but i don't usually get into purchasing kits especially the ones you have to buy each month but also because alot of times I wouldn't use everything in the kit??

Jean said...

This is a gorgeous kit!! More expensive than ones I have purchased in the past but it looks chock full! LOVE the layouts!!

Marla said...

This looks like a great kit with lots of wonderful items in it.

sharon g said...

Contrasting paper would be nice, I agree. What I saw looks great, though.

Stephanie U said...

These look like great kits! I prefer less expensive kits though, as my monthly scrapping budget is $20-$40. I love kits with a mix of brands of patterned paper as well as some embellishments.

jengd said...

Great kits but a bit out of my price range. I find variety of items/brands/lines/textures, gender-neutral or masculine kits (I really only scrap my son and SO many kits are frooey and flowery), and price are what I look at the most.

petunia670 said...

Noel kits are definitely a splurge, but this looks so divine. I love your examples.

Victoria S. said...

i love kits but sometimes they price me out.. this one looks wonderful. i like them to have a stamp, great patterned paper, some solid cardstock and lots of fun and unsual embellishments.