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My favorites from CHA WInter 2013--Jennifer Larson

Hello, it's Jennifer Larson here with some of my favorites from CHA Winter. Picking my favorites was tough. When I looked through the sneaks out there, I made a huge list of faves. Here's what I narrowed it down to:

1. Studio Calico Snippets

The colors on this collection are lovely--they are showing up in a lot of collections this time around, but I like the blue-green-pink balance in this one: not too pink, says this mother-of-boys. Paired with the clean and graphic style, this collection looks fun. Plus, the label stickers had me at Hello.

2. Jillibean Soup: Irish Farm House Soup

I liked a lot of Jillibeans Soup: Chilled Cucumber Soup which is a nice non-themed spring collection and Placemats, which are an interesting set of die cut papers. (That last one is to-die for, and I can't wait to get it.) Still, I love this collection most with its bright colors and strong patterns.

3. Glitz. Just Glitz.

If I had to pick one company where I loved everything about many lines, it would be Glitz. Three collections are stellar:

Love You Madly is an unusual romantic collection that would well on scrapping layouts about the man you love. Confession: I'm not a Valentine's Day aficionado when it comes to scrapbooking products (it's just one day!), but this one is decidedly non frou-frou, so I can see using it for a lot of things.

I am a sucker for summer collections, and I love the exuberance this collection manages with mostly blue. And the yellow! Love it.

Again, yellow! And other happy colors. Thanks, Glitz.

I only showed the papers, but I love the embellishments in these lines too. To me, they are more unusual than the ones I'm seeing in other collections.

4.  Simple Stories Urban Traveler

Did I mention that I love travel lines? This one is awesome, with bright colors (I know, I know, I'm a sucker for them) but neutral enough patterns to fit for most vacations. Or even staycations, if your travel takes you to a local museum.

5. Echo Park Happy-Go-Lucky

I also loved Echo Park's Photo Freedom 1, but the aqua-navy-yellow-orange combo here, plus the graphic designs, is terrific. Yes, it's designed for Project Life-type projects, which I don't do, but I love clustering embellishments, so this gives me multiple opportunities to do so.

Thanks for reading about my faves! I tend to be drawn to colorful and graphic rather than soft colors and romantic patterns. What do you think of these collections?


slbt17 said...

I like these colors as well - having 2 boys - I am more drawn to these colors.
Thanks for the peeks!
Sandra ltb

Lisa C. said...

I'm also drawn to more colorful, brighter colors. I have a girl and boy so those colors work for me. I love all your picks!

kate blue said...

liking some of them (all of the Glitz) but some of the color combos and themes are redundant looking more at Fancy Pants this time around

Ruth G said...

Jennifer, I am so with you about the fabulous bright colors and fantastic graphic designs in Color Me Happy and Urban Traveler! I'm shocked/pleased to see Glitz putting out what I would consider a huge (and welcomed by me) departure from much of their previous collections. So much fun can be had with both of these collections!!! Thanks for sharing and reminding me to write these on my wish lists!

Jean said...

Loving that Glitz Unchartered Waters. We have a cottage on a lake and I need this!

sharon g said...

I liked all of your picks. But how did you decide which to pick? There were so many wonderful papers---I was in awe as I walked around. Thanks for showing us....