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When the dog barks...

...when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad... I simply turn to my scrappy things and then I don't feeeeel so bad....

CHA-Winter turned out some amazing showings! I love to see new product come out and this CHA was NO disappointment... We at The Scrap Review are all different styles and I love that this show displayed great product for EVERY style of scrapper!  Picking just 5 was HARD... but here are a few of my favorite things..

First up.. Fancy Pants-- well they KNOCKED my SOCKS off!  I have been a Fancy Pants fan for a while but not always my "first pick" today they are... and here are a few reasons why....F

and that wasn't all.. I just didn't want to put everything up so you can go and check it out for yourself!

NEXT up-- One of my tried and true faves... MY MIND'S EYE.. they really always put out an amazing product and this show was no different... be sure to "ADD TO CART" right away because this will go fast! They also put together some lovely sets of Washi Tape... Nice idea to put them together like they did...

To follow this loveliness we have Doodlebug Designs. I love the new paper line Flower Box and thought how adorable the multi-colored chevron is and the great wood grain paper.. they did a nice job of adding that awesome Doodlebug flair to this line. They also put a toe into the washi tape arena, and we all know Doodlebug is known for the great pops of color.. well the washi tape is spot on! They have a great layout on their website displaying these great additions 

In the 4th spot we have.... a surprise showing for me... I admit it, I am not a Webster girl.  I usually like their lines and find them tempting but I don't often purchase them.. HOWEVER, they have a new look going on that has caught my attention.  Allison Kreft has me running to the check-out with these new lines!  WELL DONE Websters!

 I have several more lines I am in love with -- but I had to PICK only 5 so in the Number 5 spot I have chosen another company that took me by surprise.  I love Simple Stories but never found myself purchasing, I will be purchasing the new lines from Simple Stories, the seriously MAKE ME HAPPY!  

There are so many more lines and companies that made my tops list, I am excited about scrapbooking in the next year as these new lines are inspiring me not just to scrapbook but to GO and MAKE memories so I can  scrapbook!  

See you in the check-out line!