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Stamping Week: Tools

Today we are going to list a few basic tools and stamps to have when stamping.  So here we go!

What do you think?  Do you have all the tools and gadgets for stamping?  Do you have a preference between rubber or clear?  Let us know!


Jean said...

I still need a craft mat. Might help me contain my messes!

sharon g said...

I prefer clear these days, which surprises me. I love how I can see if there is ink on the whole stamp, I can place it properly, etc.

Ruth G said...

I have all the goodies:-) Love my mat because it's also heat proof for embossing and adhesive comes off easily if I miss my project. I prefer clear stamps not only because I like to see where I'm stamping (and can line things up if I don't stamp well the first time), but I'm also allergic to rubber so I try not to do as much with rubber.