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Pink Paislee Switchboard

{Reported by Ashley Harris}

Hello there!  So today I am reviewing the new collection by Pink Paislee called Switchboard.  So let's get to it!!

What I liked:
-Good tight patterns.
-Trendy Colors

What I didn't like:
-The theme is rather restrictive.  Most of it is focused around phones and numbers, which I understand, but how many photos do you have with phones?  Just sayin'.

What I made:

Supplies:  All supplies Pink Paislee Switchboard

Bottom Line:
This is probably a collection I wouldn't go out and purchase only because of the restrictive theme.  But if phones are your thing, do it!

Where and How Much:
Product:  Switchboard Collection
Manufacturer:  Pink Paislee
Available Online: 

What do you think?  Is this something you would buy?  Let us know what you think?


Jean said...

I can see where the theme might hinder but I still like their collections

Victoria S. said...

yes i agree but i still like it. i love the old fashioned phones! adn the colors are cool together! i like the embellishments.

Joni Parker said...

I really like the color scheme on this .... soft, but not so soft that you couldn't use it for Boy pages. I rarely use up a whole collection, so I'm sure I could get 4-5 "phone" or "call" themed layouts done. Plus I love phone theme at all!!

Renee said...

I LOVE it, especially the flower page and the curly phone cord papers! Plus the colors are right up my alley!

Shawninaz said...

I truly love everything that Pink Paislee creates but I agree with your comment about the theme being a little restrictive.