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Happy Monday!

Well hello!   I hope you enjoyed our coverage of the 2018 Creativation show over on our Instagram!  If you missed it, follow us @thescrapreview. 

Now for some items of import. 

*We will be posting our new and returning staff members this week.  YAY!!  Super excited about that.

*We will be posting our first review of the year!  YAY!!  There will be a video involved.

*Please be patient with us as we begin the resurrection of this great site!  We love you and are extremely thankful for all your support! 

We will see you later this week!


Ange said...

How fun! This looks like such an awesome line! It's definitely on my 'must haves' list.

Gabrielle Watson said...

I am super excited about the resurrection of the site!! I've really missed it :)
- Gabrielle from Denton, TX