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Jillibean Soup 2 Cool for School Review & a GIVEAWAY!

{Reported by Ashley Harris}

Hey there!  So happy to be back in this capacity with The Scrap Review.   I have to say it has felt good to dust off the old review skills and  get to work.  It has been especially fun to work with such great products.

As you know, I went to the Creativation show this last January and one of the first booths I went to was the Jillibean Soup booth.  They have so many great things in store for us,  but one of the collections I loved was the 2 Cool for School.  Mainly because I have two boys and this collection is just perfect for them.

What I liked:
* I loved the tight patterns on the patterned paper.  As a card maker it works so well for me.
* I loved all the patterns.  The images are spot on!!
* I love that the embellishments are just so easy to work with!

What I didn't like:
* NOTHING!!  This collection did not disappoint!

What I made:

{Supplies:  Cardstock: Neenah Solar White, Adhesive: Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L All other products are Jillibean Soup 2 Cool For School}

{Supplies:  Cardstock:  Neenah Solar White, Adhesives:  Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L, Journaling Stamp misc, Ink: Catherine Pooler Aquatini, Journaling pen Black Glaze Sakura, All other products Jillibean Soup 2 Cool for School}

Where you can purchase:  
This isn't available to purchase until March.  Be sure to hit up the Jillibean Soup website to see the latest from them!

What do you think?
What do you think of this new collection from Jillibean Soup?  Leave a comment to be entered to win a prize pack from Jillibean Soup!  You have until MIDNIGHT EST on Saturday to enter.  Good luck!

*Please note that because it doesn't launch until March, you will not be getting your prize until then.  Thanks for your patience and support!!


Jean said...

I love Jillibean Soup collections! The colors and patterns always rock! And the names make me smile! Love your card and layout!

Rebecca Ednie said...

I have three boys so this would be perfect for them!! Can’t wait until it’s available.

Karenladd said...

I always love to see a collection that works for boys and this is such a fun one! The colors are cheerful and the dog die cuts are adorable!

Unknown said...

Great card and LO. I love this collection. Having a son I'm always on the lookout for things with great colours but are not too cutesy

Cynthia Baldwin said...

I always enjoy Jillibean Soup collections. Their patterns are good for scrapbooking or cardmaking, I love their Pea Pod parts, and their collections are always so CUTE. 2 Cool for School fits all those criteria. I have an 18yo boy, and I do agree this line would be perfect for him. It isn't too "young" and not too mature. Just right.
So glad Scrap Review is back!

StampNK said...

I always love seeing what Jillibean Soup comes up with, although I only have one item by them (an alphabet set). This collection is wonderful for scrapbook layouts and cards both, and I love the mix of images and patterns.

Some Lucky Dog said...

I like the fun colors of the patterns and the stickers that are different than others I've seen for sports!

cghundley said...

Looks fun and
Carla from Utah

Unknown said...

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