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Fancy Pant Designs The Bright Side

{By Ashley Harris}

Hello!  Today I get to review the super cute line The Bright Side by Fancy Pants Designs.

What I liked:
*Loved the whimsical feel to this collection.
*Really enjoyed the tight patterns of side B.
*It is just a super happy collection for spring.

What I didn't like:
*Not much to dislike here.  The end.

Where and How Much:

** Indicates the lowest price.  Based upon the Kit price.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another Fancy Pants Designs collection up on review!! 


Jean said...

Always love Fancy Pants collections!

Gab said...

Very fun collection! Love your card too!

Dye Repair Bleach Spot said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing the step by step guide. I am your newest follower.