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Fancy Pants Designs GIVEAWAY!!!

Hey there all and HAPPY FRIDAY!! 

So the lovely Jodi from Fancy Pants Designs is being super generous and is giving away one collection kit each of The Bright Side Collection:

And Poolside:

To clarify, there will be 2 winners.  One winner will receive The Bright Side Collection Kit and the other will receive the Poolside Collection Kit.  Clear?   Fantastic!  If you would like to win, comment which collection you would like to win and why.   This will be open until midnight PST Thursday, May 17th.  Goodluck!!  


Catherine said...

The Bright Side for sure! I love that wood grain and the rain boots so much.

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Love both collections, Eek! Nice weather took so long getting here, and I just want to fill my craft calendar with summertime goodness. Okay, adore Poolside!

Kelly Massman said...

Oh how fun it would be to win Bright Side. It is the bomb.

Patricia said...

Wow! They both are so awesome but Brightside calls my name a little louder! Thanks for the chance!

SHartl said...

These are both the cutest ever, but I am leaning more toward the Bright Side. Those rainboots make me smile and I like to do woodburned designs on wood slices so these pulled me in! Poolside is also adorable though, so I would love to win either one.

Jessica said...

Both are really fun, but I would love to win Bright Side. It's a little more versatile and I have several summer/water collections that I am currently working on using. :)

Jean said...

Just saw Poolside at Mega Meet and it is darling!! Would be fun for my granddaughter's first pool season!

cghundley said...

Happy Friday! I
would like the
Poolside as that's
a fun place to be
the Summer!
Carla from Utah

sharon g said...

Poolside is by far my favorite. I love the flamingo and duck rings, the fish and water papers, etc. It is wonderful

Gab said...

Thanks for the chance to win! I love bright side - can't get enough of those rainboots!

Cynthia Baldwin said...

Both collections are awesome - with Fancy Pants, I’d expect nothing less.
Since we have so many summertime adventures in our backyard pool (and photos to prove it!), I would make Poolside my choice. Thanks for the chance, Fancy Pants and The Scrap Review!

Heidi E. said...

Thank you for opportunity to win, I love love love the poolside collection ❤️

Some Lucky Dog said...

They're both such fun collections! I think I'd chose the Poolside because we spend a lot of time around the water in the summer.

chelsea499 said...

The boots in the Bright Side collection are adorable. I would choose this collection.

Stephanie Frisby said...

I love the bright colors and adorable patterns of The Bright Side! It makes me happy just to look at it!

Melissa said...

The Bright Side is so GORGEOUS! The color palette and icons are perfection.

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