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Hexi Patterns Background Stencils from Honey Bee Stamps

Teri Anderson |

Hi, everyone!
I'm here to talk to you today about the Hexi Patterns Background Stencils from Honey Bee Stamps
These stencils come as a set of four. You get four 6"x 6" plastic stencils with hexagon designs. These stencils are each unique, offering a different design of hexagons. You can use these stencils to make all kinds of backgrounds with inks, spray mists, stencil pastes and more!

What I liked:

*  The size. Each stencil is 6" x 6".  It's a good size. Plus you get four of them. You can use them to cover a card or piece the designs together to easily cover a scrapbook page. 
* They are made of a sturdy plastic and are not flimsy. They hold up to repeated applications of ink over them and are reusable (and clean-able). 
*  They are easy to store! The small size makes them perfect for being stored in a 6" x 6" album or in a file folder box. 
* The creativity. These stencils each have a honeycomb pattern. While it sounds repetitive, these stencils are not! What's cool is each one is vastly different in design. Plus you can use them on their own or you can use them together to make a project. 
* Stencils are  a great tool for those wanting to try mixed media. Take a stencil. Set it on paper. Sponge a little ink on top. Remove the stencil. You've done mixed media! It really is that easy. 

What I disliked:
* I wish I had more time to play with them. I love all the creative possibilities for these stencils and I would love to have more time to use them with a lot different materials (ie: stencil paste, glitter paste, etc.).  They are just so fun.

What I made:
Here I used just one stencil. I applied ink through it and then moved it over to the left, using the ink on my sponge to apply some more color. It's subtle but cool! 

Here I layered two stencils together. I applied a layer of ink with one stencil. Then I sat another on top, slightly off-setting it from the first design, and added another layer of yellow ink. 

Here I used one of the stencils in the most basic way: I set it on my card and applied ink through it. Easy peasy! 

And here's how all three of my projects look together. They are same and yet different. 

MRSP: $15.95

Honey Bee Stamps
Simon Says Stamp!
** Butterfly Reflections Ink

** indicates the best price of the above stores.

What do you think?
Are you a fan of stencils? When is the last time you've used one to make a card, scrapbook page or some other project?


sharon g said...

HI TERI!!!!!!!! I haven't seen you around in SO long. Ok, so I love stencils. I like to use them as backgrounds. This bee themed one is WONDERFUL!!!